Blood Super Moon – Sept. 27, 2015

A lunar eclipse occurred on Sunday, Sept. 27, 2015. But even more it was a super moon where the moon is 13% larger because it’s closer to the earth and it was a harvest moon too. The next time a blood super moon occurs is in 2033.

After checking apps on my phone (the Photographer’s Ephemeris and Star Walk), we decided to go to Idlewood Park on the west shore of Lake Sammamish in Redmond in the Seattle Washington area where we were visiting our son Tom, Yee, Nate 13 and Tee 9. Moon rise and sunset were around 6:40PM with the full eclipse occurring at 7:48pm. Lake Sammamish is surrounded by high hills. I just hoped that the moon would rise above the hills before the eclipse occurred.

Nate plus a friend and Tee came along. I was so glad since that would be a fine experience for them. I still have fond memories of dragging our kids out of a camper at 2AM to watch a lunar eclipse when they were young. Lots of others were there on the lake shore. Our app said the moon would rise at 88.2 degrees, in other words, in the east so we got ourselves all set.

Nate saw the moon rise above the hills. It was already in full eclipse by the time we could see it. It was large and gorgeous.

We couldn’t stay until the moon was bright again since the kids had school the next day.

It reminded me of the time my son Matt and I went to photograph a super moon from Alki Beach in West Seattle in 2011. We got our 5 seconds of fame when we were in an NBC news clip that night.

Youtube NBC news clip segment

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